Friday, October 11, 2013

Crostini Ideas

We tried out a couple of new crostinis recently for my birthday cocktail party and they went a little something like this: Peach, blue cheese and thyme infused honey and goat cheese, roasted squash and arugula braised in cassis vinegar. Both toppings were served on grilled baguette slices since I'm currently obsessed with these tiny toasts. They are dead easy to make and have less of a "gum-cutting" affect that  toasted crostinis can often provide. I use a half and half mix of melted butter and olive oil and lightly brush both sides of each baguette slice. Preheat your BBQ to medium and grill the bread in small batches. The learning curve for this procedure was steep for me with a high loss of burnt toast but once I realized how fast they cooked I got my system down.

This first appy is simply thinly sliced peaches and crumbled blue cheese served on a grilled crostini. The honey was simmered for 15 minutes with fresh thyme then allowed to cool before drizzling over the whole works. Reserve a bit of fresh thyme for a nice garnish.

The second crostini was just crumbled goat cheese and roasted squash cubes with arugula. The squash was diced small and roasted with olive oil and spices. The arugula was seared in a hot pan and steamed very quickly with cassis vinegar to just wilt the leaves. This can all be assembled and served at room temperature and combines some really nice autumn flavors.

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