Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gregor The Grumman

In October of last year we made the decision to get mobile with the business in the form of a food truck or basically a mobile kitchen designed for serving large groups. Purchasing a run down piece of crap food truck was not an option given the outrageous cost ($40-60K) and the fact that we would need to still completely retrofit the truck to suite our needs. So we decided that we would build one from scratch. Easy, right? False!!! We picked up this truck in Grand Forks as our base platform and it had everything that I wanted for the build. It's not overly huge with a 14' box and it has a diesel which is great for torque, which is helpful when hauling around a commercial kitchen on your back. It also has the barn doors in the back instead of the roll-up door which is a plus and being that it is a Grumman Olson step-van it is also all aluminum with the bonus of never being painted which gave me the option to polish the body (still in the works). Start to finish the project took me around nine months with some very long nights in the shop thrashing away, knowing that the truck was already booked for jobs in July. I won't go into every little detail of the build but I will say that it was one of the most challenging and fun vehicles that I have ever worked on and it taught me how to weld aluminum and stainless as well as a bit of plumbing and a crash course in electrical thanks to our pal Graham Jones. The truck is now on the road and we just did our first real gig with it in Castlegar at the Mir Centre for Peace. Here you can see our star employee, Pam, busily assembling appetizer platters. I still need to finish my exterior polishing duties then we will lay on the graphics. This truck is a blast to drive and work out of and I can't believe that I've lived this long without having a vehicle that I can drive with the doors open.