Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Changes Over at APC

We've been doing some extensive house cleaning in the menu department lately as we say goodbye to old favorites and introduce new flavors. We're very excited about stirring things up food wise with the constant influx of food trends and new products becoming available to the average foodie, even if you do live in a snow globe like Nelson. We are also restructuring the menu format on our web site to hopefully make it a bit more user friendly. Food wise we have really been focusing on vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free recipes as we bulk up our repertoire in anticipation for our new cook book. It's still in the R&D stages but the plan is looking really solid. And since I'm shamelessly self promoting you should also check us out on Instagram (alligatorpiecatering) and Facebook for some mouth watering images and to stay current.

Here are a couple of new additions to look forward to:

Grilled bread is the best so we've changed all of our crostinis over to these little grilled baguette slices. They maintain a "crisp, yet chewy" texture as opposed to a "cut the roof of your mouth" experience with the traditional baked crostini. These particular ones happen to be smoked steelhead salmon (which is more like a lox) topped with dill cream cheese, roasted fennel and crispy capers.

One of the new sections in our appetizer suggestions list will be "platters and dips". We did this one over the Christmas holidays and decided that it was menu worthy. This platter started life as a deconstructed Greek salad but as we changed and improved the ingredients it became what you see here. Now we are calling it a grilled vegetable and soft cheese platter. If you have a better name then by all means let us know. It does also have spiced olives and fresh tomatoes on it as well as an assortment of infused olive oils and balsamic reduction.