Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The First Post

Being that is the first food post for the Alligator Pie Catering blog, I thought I would start with a doozy. This dish was developed as one of our unique and delicious "vegan challenges" that Erin and I often do to try and out-do one another in the kitchen. It's a fun game with a win/win scenario. I've been wanting to use many of these unchartered flavors for a long time now and though I could have broken this down into three separate dishes, I instead chose to make one ridiculously complex and time consuming meal. The outcome was up to my expectations and it was a fun meal to eat. Being that it is somewhat over-sauced you could pull a bit of risotto and mushroom mix out and sample different sections of sauce to determine your favorite combinations. The radish salad served as a bit of a palette cleanser between bites.

Toasted barley risotto with oyster mushrooms and broccoli rapini, fresh horseradish cashew cream, ancho chili rouille, cilantro oil and watermelon radish salad.