Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Salad Days

With an influx of nice weather, it's nice to get back into the salad vibe and move away from the starch injected heavy meals that we love so much during the cold months. 
These two examples would work as a side salad as well but we like to opt for a meal size. 

This first one is destined to be on our menus but will need to be tested and tweaked a bit more before we commit. The punishment isn't too bad. So far it consists of spinach, grape tomatoes, red cabbage, sweet peas, mango and spicy cashews with a coconut avocado dressing. It's a real explosion of flavours, I doubt if we'll change it one bit.

This nice light salad screams Spring at the top of it's leafy lungs. It includes an assortment of organic spring greens, steamed edamame, orange segments and tamari almonds in a ginger grapefruit vinagrette. 
It is currently on our salad selection menu.